About the Armenian-Japanese  “Hikari” Scientific Center

About the Armenian-Japanese “Hikari” Scientific Center


photoThe Armenian-Japanese scientific-cultural NGO “Hikari” has launched its activities since 2005.

On August 6, 2005 there launched the center’s first big action titled “Peace Lanterns”, which during years developed into a big peace and cultural program.The students and members of the center were the first in the world, who started this program, which became international in 2008. It is directed against any type of war and conflict and until now, it has been carried out each year in August.

Except the peace-loving activity “Hikari” center allows the Armenian society to get acquainted with and to participate in the Japanese national customs, traditions, traditional arts and generally to get acquainted with the Japanese culture.

Together with the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Armenia the center regularly organizes master-classes of ikebana, tea-drinking,Sumi-e painting, as well as Japanese Film Festival, which has become traditional.

With the efforts of the students and members of the center, there are often organized exhibitions of origami and other types of handwork. There are also organized performances and seminars for children and adults.

Everyone can become a member of the center irrespective of age, gender, nationality and religion.

“Hikari” Armenian-Japanese center is open every day, except Sunday, from 13:00 to 19:00. The address is Saryan 33, telephone numbers are 533713,  091600149, 043533713.

The president of the center is Karine Piliposyan. She is employee of National Center of Aesthetics, she is a teacher of origami group of fine arts’ division. The vice-president is Lusine Tangyan. The coordinator of the center Armine Harutyunyan. The members of the council of “Hikari” center are Astghik Andreasyan and Narine Toumanyan.

In “Hikari” Armenian-Japanese center you can also study origami, which is taught by Karine Piliposyan. There fuction three groups:

Junior group: the age is from 3 to 8

Teeanager group: the age is from 8 to12

Adolecsent group: the age starts from 14.

In “Hikari” Armenian-Japanese center you can study Japanese by paying 15.000 AMD per month. Three times a week you can participate in the lessons of the Japanese language.

As of May 28, 2016, there are five groups of students, who study Japanese. The lessons are conducted by Arihiko Hasegawa, Yuta Kawakami, Lidia Hakobyan and Arpine Khachatryan.

The members of the center, who have corresponding voice, can participate in the lessons of choir on Saturday, led by Ani Magumyan.

Once a week the students of origami group of NCA (National Center of Aesthetics) attend also classes of ethnography or history of art depending on their age. They can also attend classes of painting.

Author: H. Muradyan

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan