Japanese Choir Sings Ode to Armenia

Japanese Choir Sings Ode to Armenia


Was sent by Liana Aghajanyan on March 23, 2011

During the days following the devastating earthquake, an earthquake that has struck the coast of Japan, there appeared in YouTube a video of  Japanese choir singing in Armenian the song “Yerevan darzaz im Erebouni”. The Armenians of the whole world, that were impressed by the astonishing multicultural performance of the choir, gladly shared the video in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and sent good wishes to the Japanese during their hard times. During this video, which lasts for two minutes, a school choir sings a song which is based on the words penned by Paruyr Sevak and the music composed by Edgar Hovhannisyan–a dedication to the City of  Yerevan, the oldest city of the world that has been continuously inhabited and which is known as Erebouni. The performance being impressive for some people was dedicated to the Armenians that had suffered from the devastating earthquake in 1988. This gave the Armenians an opportunity to send great wishes to the Japanese nation, a nation that now has also to deal with the mortiferous tsunami.

the material is taken from   http://www.ianyanmag.com/japanese-choir-sings-ode-to-armenia/

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan