A Work in Japanese about Nerses Shnorhali

A Work in Japanese about Nerses Shnorhali


Last month in Japan there was published the book of theologist Karen Hamada “One Christ, one church: the theology of the Armenian church between the Byzantines and Crusaders”, which mainly refers to the Armenian church figure, theologist, poet, musicologist, composer, historian, Catholicos of All Armenian, saint of the Armenian church – Nerses Shnorhali (Nerses D Klayetsi, 1102-1173). This is the first book about the Armenian Apostolic church published in the Japanese-speaking environment. The first part of the book is dedicated to the life and works of Nerses Shnorhali, there is given the historical original work: the author referred to Shnorhali’s religious activity, analyzed his works “Lamentation on the fall of Edessa”, “I confess with faith”, “Jesus the son” and other works. The second part of the work is about the contradictions between the Armenian and Greek theologies, the Chalcedonian and non-Chalcedonian theology, Nerses Shnorhali’s theological views, the influence of his political position on Christianity.

Young Japanese theologian Karen Hamada studied Armenian in Tokyo: in 2012 she participated in the intensive course of the Armenian language and culture organized by “Po-Araks” Association of Venice. She has visited Armenian twice. In 2013 her article “Nerses Shnorhali in the 19th century Russian theology” was published in English in the Journal “Lraber of Social Sciences” of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia.


The material is taken from:  https://azg.am