VIDEO:Presentation-discussion of the textbook “Japanese Society”

VIDEO:Presentation-discussion of the textbook “Japanese Society”


This book is authored by Astghik Hovhannisyan, senior lecturer of the Armenian-Russian Universiity, japaneae scholar.

This book is the first armenian language book that introduces the amnenian reader to the social history of Japan, as well as the modern society.

The book discusses topics such as the japanese education system, the “japanese model” of goverment, and the japanese work style, the history of japanese families, feminist movments, women’s and minority issues, and the japanese relationship with nature.

On April 25, the presentation-discussion of the “Japanese Society” educational manual took place at Epigraph Mashots branch.

This book was born as result of many years of in Japan.

It’s publication was sponsored by the Japan Fondation.

Details in the video.

Author:  H. Muradyan