The Day of Artsakh Wine Festival has been  Approved

The Day of Artsakh Wine Festival has been Approved


June 22, 2016

The day of organizing the 3rd Artsakh Wine Festival has been moved. This year it will be organized on September 17 in the village Togh of Hadrout region. The festival program is still being developed, but it will soon be presented to the public.

 It is worth noting that the 1st  and the 2nd Artsakh Wine Festivals were held on the 3rd Saturday of October, but taking into consideration risky weather conditions of the season and the applications of the festival participants it is expedient to move it on the 3rd Saturday of September.

Exhibition-sales of Artsakh Wine and harvest, traditional concerts, art exhibitions are organized during that annual celebration devoted to Artsakh winemaking and culture.

All the regions of the NKR famous in winemaking as well as famous winemakers from the Republic of Armenia are presented in the wine fair.

Artsakh Wine Festival is organized by the NKR Ministry of Economy in cooperation with private companies.

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