Armenian Dolls in Japanese Festival

Armenian Dolls in Japanese Festival


The 5th edition of the World Doll Festival will show this year about 1,370 dolls from all around the world, all of themwearing the typical garment from their original countries. In between them will be 14 from your country. The different booths will contain information about the World Cultural Heritages listed by UNESCO. The event will be held from 15th until 18th October, at Izutsu Yashiki (769-2901 Higashikagawa, Hiketa 2163, Japan; Tel.+81 879-238557). This year the exhibition is devoted to France and will harbour hand-made dolls from different regions in the country: ancient bisque dolls, a rich collection of santons from Provence, dolls wearing the traditional garments from different regions, and even depictions of Queens Marie-Antoinette and Anne of Brittany. The Embassy of France and the Japanese-French Institute are patrons of the event. Special guest will be the French singer jOmO from Toulouse. Usually he gives solo concerts, and occasionally with the groups ‘jOmO and the Libertarians and jOmO and the Mammoths’. He holds the Guiness Record for singing rock and traditional songs in over 22 languages. The cultural programme will be completed with performances by local groups: Flamenco, Belly Dance, and Hawaiian Dances. The local restaurants will have a wide offer of international dishes. More information can be found at

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