History of Japan

History of Japan


As a rule, the history of Japan is identified with the history of the Japanese Islands. Nevertheless, the original creation of Japan by kokugoui* was at the end of the 7th century.
Chronological classification is the job of the history and archaeology.     
The chronology of the history:

Old time
1. Kofun era /250 since 600, in the end/
2. Asuka Era /592 -710/
3. Nara Era /710-794/
4. Heian Era/794-1185/

Middle Ages
1. Kamakura Era /1185-1333/
2.Muromatsi Era /1336-1573/
3. Sengoku Era /1493-1590/

Start of new era
1. Adzutsimomoyama Era /1573 -1603/
2. Edo Era /1603-1868/

Our era
Meidzi /1868-1912 since August 14, 1945/ still now.

Օn the Japanese islands human story began about 300,000 years ago. However, humans began to live there about 100,000 years ago. At that time, the Japanese archipelago was a bridge for Asian continent and there was a cultural exchange in the northern part of Siberia and in the west part of the northern China. 12,000 years ago, after the end of the last Ice Age was separated from the mainland. At that time people were called dzyomon /BC/ 14000-300 he/ era people. After BC, the 8th century was concentrated on rice cultivation from China yayoi/yayoi Era, from 300 BC to AD 250/ people stream of system culture-bearing came, in different places regional political groups gradually called have been formed. The regional political groups between South and North Koreas related to maritime trade within the gradually vadzins** culture sector was constructed. The first and the second centuries every blood retribution was repeated and in every area they created a regional coalition of nations. Between Honshu and Kyusyu islands national groups existed, the most influential Yamato unified kingdom was founded, the basic theory is that it’s turned into a dynasty. In East Asia Japan will continue to maintain an independent international status, the 7th century in contrast to the Chinese dynasty was called independent. In the 8th century, the Bokkai *** country was given. And after the establishment of the military government, and during the 13th century genkoui ****, and the 16th century the European expansion in Asia and the other in different situations have been support and remained independent. At the end of the 16th century Kakijakiu Commander, which headquarter was situated in southern Hokkaido acquires control of Hokkaido, Tsisima, Karafuton including Ezo region. Ezo region, even if the region outside of Japan area was so called region. The 17th century syakusyain rebellion ***** and the Russian Empire prior interest towards the north is becoming activated and Japan’s provinces the island of Ezo /Hokkaido/ from south was for be aware of. Satsuma Simadzusin in the 17th century invaded the Ryukyu Kingdom, including Amami Islands areas. After that Japan’s Ryukyu kingdom with Japan, China and with two other nations continued to have relationships. In the middle of 19th century the connection with the Western powers dramatically increased and the awareness of each country began strengthen towards Japan and Japanese essence. Western countries colony was in Asian countries Japan after longer preserving the independence the race which leads directly to the nation-state of consciousness brings public awareness. As a result, after Meidzi recovery it became the smooth basis for modern nation-building implementation. From the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century in imperialist international affairs the need to build a sphere of some influence in East Asia expanded through the Russo-Japanese and Chinese-Japanese war by providing exposure to the sector. Directed to the outside world for Japan any conflict of interests among the western countries especially the U.S., the 1945′s at the end/ syouva 20 year/ Second World War /15-years war in the Pacific-Asian, East Asia is a great war/ caused destructive disaster. Reform in the country was done under occupation. In Japan constitution was adopted, by doing amendments in it. After war, in the mid-seventies reconstruction reached remarkable economic development.

Kokugou*-basically that country the public cover name Vadzin** -A Chinaman got the Japanese’s name
Bokkayi  ***- 698 years [1] – 926 years), the Korean Peninsula and the northern coastal area of the manjuria, a state that has ever been existed
Genkou ****-In Japan during the Kamakura era then ruling by Mongolian Empire’s Kourai kingdom and by his vassal state under the cover against Japan 2 times invasions.

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