“IROHA” Center Once Again Celebrated Hanami

“IROHA” Center Once Again Celebrated Hanami


On March 18, 2018 “IROHA” center once again celebrated Hanami.

First of all let’s understand what is Hanami (in Japanese 花見). Hanami is a part of the Japanese culture. When sakura blossoms (the flower of cherry tree), the Japanese have an outdoor party under the sakura and admire the pink blossoms of sakura. As unfortunately sakura does not grow in Armenia, this year “IROHA” center celebrated Hanami in a park full of apricot trees, which didn’t yield sakura in its beauty.

Fortunately, the weather was sunny and it didn’t change our plans. As soon as we arrived at the place, everyone got down to work. The boys started to arrange the tables and chairs and the girls started to lay the table. And when everything was ready, we all gathered around the table and started to eat. The table was full of both the Japanese and the Armenian dishes.

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After eating, we started the games. They played towns, badminton and rubber. Everyone was in a great mood. The games were succeeded by the ceremony of awarding certificates of the exam, which has taken place in December 2017. The time passed so quickly that we didn’t even notice how the time to go back came. But before we returned the city, we all visited Khor Virap monastery. After lighting a candle, we returned the city. We were a little tired but had a very good time.

Author:Zarine Hovakimyan

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan