10th Japanese Oral Speech Contest

10th Japanese Oral Speech Contest


If you study Japanese and want to test your knowledge, to get acquainted with other Japanese lovers, get unique presents and finally, get the chance to visit Japan, then you are invited to participate in the 10th Japanese Oral Speech Contest, which will take place in the autumn of 2020 (in early October, you will be additionally informed on the date and venue).


・The contest will have 1) students’ section and 2) non-students’ section. In the students’ section there can participate students from any university of RA and in the non-students’ section there can participate those who still study at school or already work and so on. There is no age limit.

・Native speakers or people who have lived in adulthood in Japan for more than two months during the past five years cannot participate in the contest.

・Those who have formerly participated in this contest in the students’ section and have won the first place also don’t have the right to participate.


・The speech should be original (it should be written by the participant), it should be heard for the first time and the duration should be up to 5 minutes. If the speech lasts more than 6 minutes the jury will stop it.

・Theme and style are free.

・It is not allowed to use and show images, slides, musical or other instruments.

・It is not allowed to read the speech.

Assessment method

There will be assessed the participants knowledge of the Japanese language, the content of the speech, expressiveness, the ability to understand questions and to give right answers to them.


The participants of non-students’ section will get kavaii presents and the students will get the following:

・The student who has won the first place will be given the opportunity to have a short-term training in Japan.

・The student who has won the second place will leave for Moscow to test his/her knowledge inMoscowInternationalContest.

・The other participants will get nice presents.


・By September 15 send anemailtoarmenia.kyoshikai@gmail.com mentioningyourname, surname, participationsection, thenameoftheuniversityortheJapaneselanguagetrainingcenter, thetitleofthespeech (youcanchangeitlater).

・By September 25 sendtotheabove-mentionedaddressthefulltextofthespeech, whichshouldbewritteninJapaneseandcheckedbyanativespeaker.

Good luck to you!

the material is taken from アルメニア日本語教師会 Japanese Teacher’s Association in Armenia

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan