Aikido Restores Your Harmony…

Aikido Restores Your Harmony…


By means of a course, “Hartak” experience exchange festival gave an opportunity to get acquainted with the peculiarities of Aikido martial arts.

Aikido is a Japanese martial arts, in the basis of which there lie the traditional Japanese martial arts, which have centuries of history and the spiritual and philosophical teachings. Aikido has three symbols: in Japanese “Ai” means love, harmony, “ki” means spiritual, inner energy, and “do” means a way.In another words “Aikido” means the way of inner energy and harmony.

By means of a course, the coordinator and trainer of the Armenian Association of Aikido Arthur Pogosyan presented the skills of Aikido martial arts.

“The main peculiarity of Aikido martial artsis the form ofself-defense: mainly there aren’t any attacks in Aikido. We learn self-defense techniques without aggression, without immediately inflicting fatal injuries to the opponent”, mentioned Arthut Pogosyan during the talk with us and added “aikido is mirrored martial arts: the more aggressive the opponent is, the stronger he hits, the harder counterattack he gets”.

According to Arthur Pogosyan, with his inner energy and potential a person should live in harmony with the surrounding world. And Aikido is applied only in the case, when the harmony between people is broken.

“As martial arts, in case of a physical violation, it is the usage of the opponent’s inner energy and physical strength right against the opponent. You accept the opponents attack, bring him to the peak of the physical force and then you can defend yourself and restore your harmony. Aikido gives you calmness and self-confidence”.

Let’s mention that from June 25 to June 26 “ Hartak” experience exchange festival has conducted around 50 courses in Yerevan concerning several subjects.

The selected subjects were “Body and Soul”, “Do It Yourself”, “Cooking”, “Arts and Technologies”. Courses and discussions were held about each subject concerning the situation in Armenia and generally in the whole world.

The material:  Hrachuhi Almastyan

Photos by: Arthur Pogosyan

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translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan