Only Japan

Only Japan


Only Japan

3 main Japanese values


Japan becomes more wonderful when you know Japanese people

In Japan like elders, children also pray for glorifying Shinto Gods and Buddha. In crowded train we go another side in order let the other passengers to go out in each station. If you ask someone how to reach to some definite place, so Japanese will personally accompany you. Why do we possess such habits? We, Japanese people, from the first sight, seem to be mysterious; however, in case of realizing how we feel and think; you will more pleasantly enjoy Japan.


History and traditions…innovation; Creations made with special skills and care

The history and traditions of Mino paper production began more than 1300 years ago. This craft exists already many years. Due to the courageous ideas and tradition warship, paper production always make innovations moving on technological boundaries of current time. We hope that you will enjoy this craft production to which Japanese people treat so carefully.

Public life

A little joys in life of Japanese people

For instance, blossoming gardens in spring, fireworks in summer and festivals in autumn and Kamakura in winter. The beauty of each season is an important part of Japanese life-style. Japanese cuisine, kimono-bonsai, wagashi sweets, all these are only a little part of Japanese everyday-life. Maybe these things are not noticed, accordingly, why not to realize the interesting variety of Japanese everyday-life.

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translated from Armenian into English by Tatev Harutyunyan