Places of Interest in Armenia

Places of Interest in Armenia


There are different cultural, religious, ecological and historical sights in Armenia. One of them is Matenadaran that is located in the heart of Armenia’s capital Yerevan. Matenadaran is a big library-museum for ancient manuscripts and books.
The other sight is the Erebuni fortress in Arin Berd hill; this is the place where the city of Erebuni was build, which is now the big city Yerevan. Tsitsernakaberd is one of the most important places for all Armenians. This is the memorial for the victims of 1915 Armenian Genocide.
There are five places that are included in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage, there are: Monastery of Haghpat, Echmiatsin Cathedral, Geghard monastery, Sanahin Monastery, Noravank and also Zvartnots complex. Garni temple dates from the third century BC.There is a lot to see in the complex, especially if you are interested in the history of the place and the Armenian people. The Lake Sevan is pride of Armenians. The city of Tsaghkadzor is a ski resort and is full of tourists in every season. The Kecharis monastery and the rope way are situated in Tsaghkadzor.

Enjoy Spring in Armenia 

Spring in Armenia is beautiful. It begins in the first days of nature awakening, and many are trying to get out of town and spend time outdoors. Spring is the best time to start to reverse, and that is why it is activated by the flow of people to the sights and resorts.
At the same time they go on tour not only foreign tourists but also for Armenians. All schools and educational institutions are organized excursions, working groups organize picnics in the countryside. Many events take place in spring devoted to the awakening of nature, and the Day Nnature and Mternity beauty.

Enjoy March in Armenia 

March is notable for its luxurious and ornate existance. Streets are spring full and ornate, festive mood exists in relaxation and entertainment centers.
March 8, International Women’s Day with various activities and events are held everywhere. Discounts are available in many shopping centers, celebrations are organized at theaters, cinemas and concert halls. March is an excellent time to rest in Armenia, especially for women, because they expect a lot of pleasant surprises.

Enjoy April in Armenia 

In April, the weather is favorable for making trips out in the country. It’s a time when begins the flow of locals and tourists to Armenia sights, churches and historical and cultural sites.
In April, especially in the Diaspora and abroad is increasing the number of foreigners because April 24 is a day of remembrance. 1.5 million Armenians who fell victim to genocide are remembered this day and everyone feels obliged to visit the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial and lay flowers at the memorial sign. In April, tour agencies organize various tours, offering comfort combined with useful and to get introduced with Armenia’s rich historical and cultural past.

Enjoy May in Armenia 

May is displayed with the best weather conditions. The weather is warm and mild, moderate with short summer rains, flowering and lush vegetation. This month, it provides recreation and travel.
Since May is the month of victories this year the trips are directed to the places where there have been heroic and recorded victories in Sardarapat, Shoushi. There are many events organized in May holidays.
In addition to participation in various events and tours, you can fully relax on the picturesque places of Armenia in one of the rest homes and resorts.

Enjoy Summer  in Armenia 

Summer is particularly active period for tourism and recreation. Every year is active as vacational rich year in Dilijan, Hankavan, Jermuk, Sevan and other nature-rich areas. A large influx of tourists is seen in Zangezur, where the weather is nice and cool, and of course there are plenty of sights and the world longest aerial tramway “Wings of Tatev”.
Every year in different districts different traditional events, festivals  are organized and in the capital Yerevan. Both in Armenia and other places, there are many hotels and resorts where you can relax and enjoy the season.

Enjoy June  in Armenia

 On the very first days of active recreation areas, sanatoriums and rest homes are increasing the number of visitors from Armenia and abroad. Statistics confirmed that the annual increase in the number of people wishing to relax.
Such positive growth of prices of services,are supported by service prices, Armenia has great tourist attractions and leisure and diversity. It is noteworthy that those wishing to rest can spend a day at the lake Sevan.

Enjoy July in Armenia 

The majority of people who mainly prefer to have vacation in July in the flooded areas, particularly in the lake Sevan, where there are cafes, restaurants and hotels, and private homes that can be rented for even a day. Accommodation and facilities are different according to their prices and everyone can stop at home or at the hotel matching to their financial resources.

Enjoy August in Armenia 

August is a wonderful time for rest. This month Armenia is represented in all its splendor of nature and the abundance of ripe fruits and vegetables. In August one can relax in the luxurious and rich nature locations,in full of flowers Tsakhkadzor, Hankavan and Dilijan rich in wood, in Jermuk SPA rich with mineral springs and many other places.
It should be noted that there are luxury hotels and resorts, with high-quality services and comfortable rooms. The room prices  depend on their class and facilities.
As in all summer months, the lake shores are crowded in August. People come here with families and couples, groups and relatives. Note that “Honey and Berry” annual festival.

Enjoy Autumn in Armenia 

While many people prefer to avoid summer hot days, leaving for cool climate regions, but the number of people who wants to have rest in summer does not decrease in fall and activity is continued in Tsakhkadzor, Dilijan, Jermuk, Hankavan and other resorts.
There are holiday homes everywhere, sights and entertainment sectors where comfortable accommodation and quality services are offered according to suitable prices. Fall in 2015 is also expected to have an increase of the number of tourists and tourism activities, based on previous years’ figures.

Enjoy September in Armenia  

September is a wonderful rest time for everyone. The weather is warm and providing, all the tourist resorts boom continues, entertainment zones are active nature generously provides its charm and harvest, the sweet fruits and vegetables.
Every year September is marked by holidays, which are especially memorable for Armenia’s Independence Day, September 21. This Day celebrations,concerts and performances.are taking place in the capital and regions.

Enjoy October in Armenia 

October has the special charm that is displayed in both urban and the resort areas These resorts are filled in, not only by the foreigh guests, but also by the local population. The climate is mild, not too cold, and the nature is beautiful, gilded. This month is worth for touring and for enjoyment of nature beauty in fall.
Erebuni-Yerevan 2795
If there is no opportunity for travelling you can have a good rest in the capital of Yerevan which is full of events at this time. It is noteworthy celebration of the founding of the city of Erebuni-Yerevan. 2015 In October the city will celebrate its 2797 anniversary.

Enjoy November  in Armenia 

In November, the number of tourists is somewhat diminished although all resorts continue to operate. The rest is more appropriate to combine to useful and improve health care issues.
You can also have a very good time in November There are plenty of cafes, museums and cinemas. In our country it is impossible to get bored, regardless to the season.

Enjoy Winter in Armenia 

For those who love to relax winter vacation is not less valuable than summer. The the nature assessors evaluate the advantages of this season, the winter months are also in search of relaxation and fun entertainment.

Winter is promising. Interesting developments are expected in the capital, and in the resort towns or regions. Especially during the holidays in hotels and other places are packed. Many people, especially in the case of Armenians want to take a break from the daily routine and spend the holidays in a pleasant place where there is everything necessary for comfortable rooms, food, friendly service and entertaining events.

Enjoy  December in Armenia 

December is full of events. Yerevan organizes many events (including outdoor), various concerts and performances. Special attention is paid on creating fun and beautiful environment.
For example, in recent years the best holiday decoration contest of public facilities is held in Yerevan which are planned to be implemented. Those who want to enjoy holidays can have fun entertainment option during the winter, an ice skating rink.
In December, the flow of tourists are-activated to the resorts in Armenia, and active recreation lovers rush to spend the holidays in Tsaghkadzor, where nature lovers of skiing and snowy mountains are called. On holidays the holiday homes in Tsaghkadzor offer Christmas packages at affordable prices.

Enjoy  January in Armenia 

January is the most popular winter months, because there are many occasions and holidays in this month. First, the Christmas holidays, later, Army Day. Almost half of January in Armenia are holiday and festive days. Usually these days are passing with family and friends at festive tables.

In January, the old traditions are remembered, the old dishes that have unique warmth and evoke pleasant memories. These dishes are traditionally made in January and New Year holidays, for example, Lenten dolma, khapama, delicious various homemade biscuits.
Note, however, that all of this can be tasted in the hotels and restaurants, as well as at rest homes. In the winter months, as always, is particularly active Tsakhkadzor resorts and entertainment centers, where like every year,as well as in 2016 exist a flexible system of prices, depending on the numbers and types of services.

Enjoy February in Armenia 

In February, the best option for those wishing to relax on vacation, is offered in Tsakhkadzor. There are all the necessary conditions for sports lovers. Here they can ski, ride snowmobiles, and all these by quite convenient prices.


For those wishing to relax in urban conditions also have opportunity for winter recreation, as there is skating rink, as well as numerous entertainment and recreation centers, theaters and cinemas, where many premieres are planned for the winter in 2016.

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