Pan-Armenian Cleaning Festival

Pan-Armenian Cleaning Festival


On May 8, 2022, there took place the first “Pan-Armenian festival of cleaning”.

At “Kentron” administrative district of Yerevan City the coordinator of cleaning was Tatevik Manucharyan. At 10.00 o’clock in the morning they gathered at Azatutyan Square near the statue of Tumanyan and started

Pan-Armenian Cleaning Festival-1

cleaning the center.

Pan-Armenian Cleaning Festival-2

The organizer of the festival was Hakob Mikoyan, who was meanwhile coordinating the same festival in Vanadzor.

Why has he chosen that very day? This is the Day of Liberty of Shushi. After the painful defeat in 2020 this is a call from our compatriot to all of us to make May 8 the day of overcoming ourselves.  

Victory is when you become better than you have been in the past.

This day will become a new start for all of us. Realizing it and stepping forward to become better. Achieving this doesn’t require big efforts. For example, let’s first overcome our faults and not throw the “cigarette” wherever possible. This is another call from the citizens to the governing bodies to finally apply penalty “for dumping garbage in inappropriate places”. The article 43.1 on Administrative Offenses stipulates the amount of penalty for breaching the rules of garbage collection and sanitation, for dumping consumer wastes in inappropriate places.

Though the governing bodies justify the non-application of that law by lack of means for hiring so many policemen to control, however in fact there is nothing impossible. There are already many cameras in different places, which fix the traffic violations, so they can also fix administrative violations as well. They can charge a penalty and at the initial stage that money can be used for installing cameras in widely polluted areas and hopefully in a brighter future we will be able to have a clean motherland and non-polluting compatriots.

Author: H. Muradyan