Arts and Crafts of Japan

Architecture About traditional and modern Japanese architecture.
Bonsai About the art of cultivating miniature trees.
Bunraku About traditional Japanese puppet theater.
Calligraphy About the art of writing beautifully.
Contemporary Art A list of sites to see contemporary art.
Cormorant Fishing A traiditonal fishing method using cormorants.
Dolls About various types of Japanese dolls.
Gardens About Japanese gardens.
Geisha About entertainers performing traditional Japanese arts.
Ikebana About Japanese flower arrangement.
Kabuki About traditional Japanese Kabuki theater.
Kimono About traditional Japanese dresses.
Literature About Japanese literature.
Movies About the Japanese cinema.
Noh About traditional Japanese Noh theater.
Origami About the art of paper folding.
Poetry About haiku and other Japanese poetry forms.
Tea Ceremony About the ritual way of preparing and drinking tea.
Traditional music About traditional music and instruments.
Ukiyo-e About paintings of the floating world.
Yukata About the less formal traditional Japanese dresses.

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