There is a Need for Useful Information Before and After a Disaster

There is a Need for Useful Information Before and After a Disaster


With the joint efforts of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RA and Japan International Cooperation Agency, during the period February 2019 – January 2022 in Armenia there will be implemented “Disaster Risk Reduction Crisis Communication and Public Awareness Improvement” Project, which aims at providing population with accurate and appropriate information about the disaster. And for this purpose it is necessary to develop and strengthen crisis communication capabilities of mass media.

During the first stage of the project – February 2019-January 2020, there will be developed an action plan and during the second stage – February 2020- January 2022 there will be the implementation of actions. At the first stage there will also be specialist training programs in Armenia and Japan and a series of seminars in Armenia.

The working plan will be approved next week and before that the experts of the program, consultants of public awareness issues, representatives of the Japanese “OYO” International Corporation Koichi Shivaku and Osamu Nishi meet the representatives of the stakeholders. On March 22 they were at Crisis Management State Academy MES RA. According to the experts today much more useless than useful information is spread before and after a disaster.

The management of the academy attaches importance to this project and suggested the Japanese experts in crisis communication and public awareness activities not to be satisfied with the traditional press releases, press conferences.

Public awareness on disasters should be started from younger children. The academy has developed many tools: cartoons, talking rescue doll, puzzles, and online games. Mobile application is under development. “Super David” online game about the types of disasters and correct actions in case of them has been played by more than 300.000 children in one year. And if we take into consideration that during a game children usually ask parents for help, it will mean that nearly one million people have played the game; that makes 30 percent of the population of Armenia. This means that during two years the whole population of the Republic will be informed about disasters only by means of this game.

The Japanese experts were interested in the tools developed by the academy. The management of the academy promised to help during the implementation of the project.


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