Armenian -Japanese wedding in Noravank (photos)

Armenian -Japanese wedding in Noravank (photos)


The tourism season is open in Armenia. The travel destinations of our country already welcome numerous guests not only from Armenia but also from foreign countries.
The mountainous places of Vayots Dzor have inspired Russian lovers of keen senses. Before reaching Areni, on your way you can see Yulya and Arkadii from Russia, who soar with air-balloons in those picturesque places of Armenia,
Armenian -Japanese wedding in Noravank3 with logoenjoying the attractions of the Armenian Highlands from above.
According to the Armenian employee accompanying them, from the guests, who have arrived from Moscow, Arkadii visits Armenia during these tourism months for already several years. And this is the first time that Yulya visits our country.
Armenian -Japanese wedding in Noravankphotos2 with logoOne of the travel visit cards of the marz (region) is Noravank monastic complex, which was built in the 13-14th centuries. According to Stepanos Orbelyan, the monastic complex has been a shrine still in the early middle ages. At the beginning of the 13th century, it has been the religious center of Syunik.
And now, here, in this historical-cultural ancient place, in the medieval Noravank the attention of everyone is attracted by the Japanese groom of the Armenian girl, who has come from the East.
Armenian -Japanese wedding in Noravank6 with logoTom Tajutsu has been a suitor for the hand of Lilit from Gyumri. Their marriage was blessed in Noravank. During her talk to the correspondent of Ankakh  the bride’s mother said that they have left the choice to their children and if her daughter has chosen a Japanese boy, they didn’t interfere.

“Godblessthem. Tom is a very good boy. He likes Noravank very much, therefore it was decided to bless their union right here. The wedding was totally according to the Armenian traditions”, – says Tom’s mother-in-law. Tom and Lilit work at UN Yerevan office. The Japanese in-laws of the family from Gyumri were also present at their wedding in Yerevan. The relatives and friends of the groom have also arrived in Armenia from the country of the rising sun.
“Tom knows Armenian fluently. He is an economist. Regarding the Japanese in-laws, the language of happiness is universal, therefore we understand each other very well during these days”, half joking said Lilit’s mother. It is not clear yet where the Armenian-Japanese couple will decide to live – whether in Armenia or in Japan.

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translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan