A Japanese Book about the Armenian Animation

A Japanese Book about the Armenian Animation



The Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Japan and several Japanese websites inform that there was published the illustrated book of Satoru Otsuka “Armenian Animation Films”, where for the first time there is presented the Soviet and modern Armenian cartoon art.

A Japanese Book about the Armenian Animation

In separate small chapters the reader gets acquainted with the best works of the Armenian animation since 1938, the first Armenian cartoon “The Dog and the Cat” shot by Lev Atamanov up to “The Lazy Hoori” film-fairy tale-musical screened up in 2016. The other chapters are “The Priest and the Goat”, “The Magical Carpet”, “Parvana”, “The Bride of the Sun”, “Sasna Tsrer”, “The Fox Book”, “The Lazy Fox”, “Anahit” and separately the portrait “Robert Sahakyants”. Alongside with the Japanese titles of the films there are written also their original names with the Armenian letters.

Until now there hasn’t been published any Japanese book about the Armenian movie and the publications about the Armenian animation films have only been in Armenian. Satoru Otsuka’s book, irrespective of its small size, is the first attempt of presenting this field of Armenian art in a foreign language.

the material is taken from www.azg.am

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan