KOOR White Reserve wins two gold medals in Japan


KOOR White Reserve wine has won several prizes at Sakura Awards in Japan.

Made from Voskehat grape variety, the wine has won two gold medals along with the Diamond Trophy and the Grand Prix Best Lesser-known Grape Varieties in Japanese Market.

Mariam Simonyan, Head of Marketing Department at KOOR Wines, has told GastroVino that the company’s products are represented in Japan by The Ancient World. The representative company submitted the white Armenian wine to the second-largest contest in Japan.

KOOR White Reserve Wine Won Two Gold Medals in Japan

“Many people know about KOOR’s red wines, but White Reserve is less known among consumers. The aged white wine is one of our best. It is aged in barrels for 12 to 18 months, which gives the wine a velvet quality.

The Japanese market liked I wine, and I think the Armenian market will appreciate it too. We plan to speak more about our white wine and get it more recognition here in Armenia,” said Mariam Simonyan.

the material is taken from gastrovino.mediamax.am