The Armenian Mountains and Their High Peaks

The Armenian Mountains and Their High Peaks


In terms of the relief, the territory of RA is divided into 4 regions:

The Region of Northern Fragment Mountains and Intermountain Concavities

The region occupies the Northern and Northeast part of Armenia. The mountains, which are included in this zone are divided into external row – the Virahayots, the Gugarats, the Miapor and internal row – the Bazum, the Shirak, the Bovakar, the Ijevan, the Papakar, the Pambak, the Tsaghunyats, the Teghenyats, the Areguni, the Sevan and several other mountain chains. In the region of Intermountain Concavities, they distinguish the fields of Lori, Shirak, the concavity of Sevan and the valleys of Pambak, Debed and Aghstev.

The Region of Volcanic Mountains and Plateaus

This region stretches along the key part of the territory of RA, from the Northwest to the Southeast and it separates the Region of Northern and Southern Fragment Mountains. The region is divided into two sub-regions – Javakhq – Ashotsk and Aragats-Syunik.

The Region of Southern Fragment Mountains and Intermountain Concavities

The region stretches from the valley of the river Azat to the Araks valley. It is divided into two sub-regions – Urts-Vayk and Zangezur.

Middle Araks Concavity

The concavities of Ararat and Nakhijevan are considered together Middle Araks Concavity.

Mount Azhdahak -1

The Azhdahak mountain

Below there are presented all the mountain chains and the high peaks of the Republic of Armenia. From time to time the information is checked and updated, as the climbings carried out in the frameworks of “Mern e” (It’s Ours) mountain project are still in the process.


The Jraberd mountains– 2503 m,

The Dadivank mountains– 2668 m,

The Chankatagh mountains -1333 m,

The Aregon mountains– 1093 m,

The Khoyakhan mountains – Karaglukh – 1993 m,

The Khoy-Khut mountains– 2552 m,

The Artsakh mountains –Kusanats 2832 m, Great Kirs 2724 m, Dizapayt 2478 m,

The Havkakhaghats mountains—Hacha 2087 m,

The Okhtaghbyur mountains—Vahin 2389 m,

The Mrav mountains—the Mount of Bravity (Gomshasar) 3724 m, Mrav 3341 m,

The Arakelots mountains—Aregasar 1444 m,

The Hakarakaberd mountains—Sariler 2185 m,

The Hayadzor mountains—Hayadzor 2415 m,

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translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan