Mountainous skiing of Japan

Mountainous skiing of Japan


Japan has already become a lovely place for skiers and snow-boardists. Unfortunately, Armenian tourists are not properly informed about the mountainous skiing opportunities of this country.
There are opinions that the visit to Japanese skiing resorts means a number of increases of flights and prices. However, this is only false opinion which needs to be highlighted. For instance, GALA Yuzawa mountainous skiing resort, located not far from Tokyo, suggests 16 skiing highways for skiers and snow-boardists of any level of experience. Here there is also a garden for children, skier school, and SPA centre, a hall for equipments rent, 11 ropeways, shops and restaurants.
There are a lot of opportunities of choosing proper mountainous skiing resorts. The followings are the main ones…


Hokkaido is a great southern Japanese island which is the most favorable place for enjoying any kinds of winter sport.
It is the snowiest place on the Earth. Here people can ride themselves; they can also see the competition of the leap out from the jump-board.Here they can participate in colorful snowy festival, too.
There are three main skiing resorts in Hokkaido: such as Niseko, Furano and Rusutsu. Niseko, in its turn, is also consists of three resorts: one mountainous resort as Niseko Grand Hirafu and two skiing centers Niseko Village and Niseko Annupuri. Grand Nirafu is one of the biggest mountainous resorts of Japan which presents a wide variety of skiing highways and creates the evening illumination of mountainous slopes. During the ride in Niseko Village people need to enjoy Yota Mountain View being obvious from the mountainous slopes. Niseko Annupuri is a skiing resort for beginners and experienced sportsmen.
Far with an hour way another noisy and modern mountainous region is located, the so-called Rusutsu region. Besides the main package here there are also skis and snow-boards, onsens and karaoke. This resort gives the tourists other means of leisure, too such as a ride on rubber circles, snowy float, snow-mobile ride and a visit to trade centers, game zones and close pools with artificial waves of water.
The third mountainous skiing region of Hokkaido Island is Furano. This is the most peaceful place among the above mentioned resorts. It is a little and peaceful village with traditional leisure forms where people can also have skiing and snow-boarding opportunities. Here people can enjoy fishing under the icy water and visit onsens.

Nagano and Niigata

It is another corner in Japan for skiers and snow-boardists. Nagano and Niigata are neighboring prefectures. In 1998 Winter Olympic Game took place here in Nagano. «Jigokudani» park is located here, where people can see the most famous Japanese macaque monkeys which enjoy in waters of natural springs. This region is famous with its different types of sake made from this region grown rice.
Winter sport lovers enjoy Japanese resorts of the highest level: such as Hakuba and Siga Kogen. Here people can stay not only in hotels but also in traditional ryokans, in hostels «minshuku» and in cottages. There is another mountainous skiing resort in Niigata prefecture such as Naeba where people enjoy skiing and snow-boarding. Here people can enjoy in close pools full of sake in water. There are also wide territories here for free-riding.


People loving strange impressions and winter sport need to pay much attention to Tohoku region. It is another region of Japan having mountainous skiing opportunities. Hokkaido resort located in Aomori prefecture is for experienced sportsmen. Dzao Hot Springs resort is famous with a number of hot and mineral springs and strange snowy figures. These figures are formed in natural way when the wind blows and takes the snowflakes and ice parts from the fir branches. Accordingly, riding through the «snow monsters» under the night illumination, of course, is an odd experience. It is the specialty of Dzao Hot Springs. As for Alts Bandai resort so it is, in its turn, the biggest snow-park of Asia. Here there are highways of sportsmen of any experience.
Japan is patient to have Russian tourists in its mountainous skiing resorts and in winter festivals.

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translated from Armenian into English by Tatev Harutyunyan