Japanese “Haiku” with Armenian Rendering

Japanese “Haiku” with Armenian Rendering


27 June 2014

Armenia has participated in “Haiku” international competition for the first time: the best 6 works will be exhibited in Japan. 


Anna Ambardanyan has heard of Japanese “Haiku” art, but she hadn’t even thought that one time she will be infatuated with it and will represent Armenia at “Haiku” international competition. Just during the class at  “Hikari” Armenian-Japanese scientific-cultural center she thought of a three-lined poem in “Haiku” style, committed it to paper and now she is one of the winners of the Armenian participants.
The idea to join “Haiku” competition is Hrant Pogosyan’s - the Ambassador of RA in Japan. He himself has established a connection in Tokyo and has expressed a desire to present the works of Armenian children and later on also the works of adults. He is sure that culture is the most reliable foundation for establishing strong relations between two countries.
The alumni of “Hikari” Armenian-Japanese centre and Igityan Center of Aesthetics, more that 100 children, have participated in “Haiku” competition. The works of 16 alumni have overcome two stages of the competition. Soon the best 6 works will be sent to Japan for the international exhibition.

the material is taken from http://www.armnewstv.am/news/30336

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardayan