Why does the Ambassador Lay Obstacles?

Why does the Ambassador Lay Obstacles?


There is a small community of Japanese-speaking people in Armenia, nearly 50 people. They are active young people with inquisitive minds and creative approaches.

One of them, who is engaged in creative work and has close ties with the Japanese specialists of his sphere, is indignant and says that the Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to Japan Hrant Poghosyan hinders the cooperation between him and the Japanese partners. “He lays obstacles to the development of different entrepreneurship activities, especially in the spheres of tourism, information technologies and export of wine”, said the member of the Japanese community asking not to publicize his name.

According to him, Hrant Poghosyan has made the website of the Embassy a PR stage, where there are put materials only about “Komitas” Union and the company “Nairian”, photos and advertisements.

““Komitas” is created by him. Except “Komitas”, there are two other Armenian-Japanese unions, to which the Embassy never refers. And he provides platform for “Nairian” because his son Tigran is the representative of that company and its manager in Japan and Korea”.

My interlocutor informed that all their efforts to present Armenia in Japan fail because of the ambassador Poghosyan. “The contracts, which should be signed with the Japanese partners, are suddenly cancelled. Then we come to know that the ambassador hindered it”.

According to the young man, there is a taboo, especially in the sphere of tourism, as it is the monopoly of Poghosyan’s family. Japan-Armenia tourism business is mainly dealt by the ambassador’s son. “His son Tigran has never been linked to Armenia but with the help of the ambassador father he has acquired a monopoly in that sphere and doesn’t allow Armenian big tourism agencies to enter that country. The Poghosyans even don’t know the right order of the colors of the Armenian flag. During various events they post the flag on the walls in reverse orders”.

Hrant Poghosyan, who has taken the post of the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to Japan since May 2012, is a mathematician and delivers lectures at Japan International Christian University. My interlocutor also said that the ambassador is also member of the GOINO sect.

“When the 3rd president of the Republic of Armenian Serj Sargsyan had an official visit to Japan, instead of accompanying the president to International Christian University, where he was also delivering lectures, he accompanied him to another SOKA University, which is known in Japan as an institution that is under the influence of GOINO sect”.

According to the young man, Hrant Poghosyan has turned the Embassy of RA to Japan into his own shop. “He makes solitude decisions only in favor of his family”.

We asked the ambassador of RA to Japan Hrant Poghosyan to comment the information written in the article. We publish the complete comment of the ambassador:

“The Embassy of RA in Japan and personally me have always been in good relations with all the individuals who sought to support the deepening of the Armenian-Japanese relations. Moreover, within the frameworks of its authorities, the Embassy has not only responded to all the suggestions and requests received so far, but has also initiated many business visits from RA to Japan and vice versa. It has created an educational foundation,   for the Armenian students to receive education in Japan and two students have already benefited it.

In the official website of the embassy and in the Facebook page there are constantly presented the activities of the embassy, information referring to all the events, meetings and Armenian-Japanese relation without any discrimination.

In Japan, there function the following organizations related to Armenia:JAFA – Japan-Armenia Friendship Association: founded in 1992, JAS – Japan-Armenia Society: founded in 2001, “Japan-Armenian Music Union named after Komitas”: founded in 2015, JABCI – Japan-Armenia Business and Culture Initiative founded in 2016. I have personally supported the establishment of all the organizations and I continue to be in contact with those organizations.

JAS organization, among the founding board members of which I was, was created even before the opening of the Embassy of RA in Japan and the organization was intended to support the Armenian-Japanese official relations. Since the opening of the Embassy of RA in Japan in 2010, the activities of the organization have somehow been more passive, and in the September of this year, the organization ceased its activities.

I am proud of my modest investment in the establishment of “Komitas” foundation, which during its numerous events has not only presented the music and activities of the Great Komitas by means of concerts and lectures but it has also presented and continues to present generally Armenian classical music. With the support of this organization, there are envisaged events in 2019 dedicated to the 150 anniversary of Komitas.

JABCI organization has been created mainly for the development of the Armenian-Japanese business relations. The organization closely cooperates with the Embassy in order the Armenian brands to enter the Japanese market and to be recognized.

The Embassy has organized in the sphere of IT a number of conferences, in the frameworks of which there have been established relations between the Armenian and Japanese companies. At present there are being processed the upcoming events in this sphere, which will take place in 2019.

One of the main directions of the activities of the Embassy is the promotion of cooperation in the sphere of tourism as well, and the RA Embassy has constantly and without any discrimination supported all the Armenian agencies, which have expressed wishes to take part in the annual JATA Tourism EXPO exhibition.

Until now more than ten Armenian agencies have come and taken part in that exhibition, which takes place every year in September. Let me mention that during the recent years the Embassy also organizes and supports the participation of the Armenian companies in FOODEX Japan yearly exhibition. This year in March, 12 Armenian producers have taken part in the above-mention exhibition, which was also supported by Armenia Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development National Center and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

And at the end, just a remark, that there doesn’t exist a sect in Japan with the name “GOINO”. Most likely, the person meant Tadashi Goino, which is not a sect but a name. Tadashi Goino, who years ago had some business in Armenia (and in other countries), had been really linked with some Japanese sect, which has nothing to do with the famous Soka University. This is just for your knowledge.

What comes to Soka University, it has been visited not only by the President of RA, but also by the leaders of many countries of the world”.

the material is taken from goo.gl/vLdtPE

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan