Hripsime Simonyan’s “Armenuhi” statue unveiled in Japan’s Nirasaki

Hripsime Simonyan’s “Armenuhi” statue unveiled in Japan’s Nirasaki


On 25 March, Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to Japan Hrant Poghosyan visited the city of Nirasaki of the state of Yamanash where he participated in the unveiling of the “Armenuhi” clay statue made by Armenian sculptor/potter, People’s Painter of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic Hripsime Simonyan. Among other attendees were Mayor of Nirasaki Hisao Nayto, Nobel Prize recipient Satoshi Omura, Chairman of the Education Committee of Nirasaki City Council Reyko Yamaki and other officials, reported the press service of the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Hayern Aysor.

Mayor Nayto, Nobel Prize recipient Omura and Ambassador Poghosyan gave their speeches at the event.

Expressing gratitude to the renowned Armenian sculptor for donating the statue to the local museum, Mayor Nayto stressed the fact that such actions promote more interest in the two nations and help the nations recognize their cultures better.

After the unveiling, Satoshi Omura presented his rich collection of paintings that mainly includes the works of Japanese painters and added that his collection also included the works of renowned Armenian painters, including Vladimir Sahakyan and Hrant Karakhanyan.

At the end, the mayor of Nirasaki hosted an official lunch during which the participants of the event attached great importance to the cooperation at the level of local self-government bodies from the perspective of mutual recognition and friendly relations between the two nations.

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