Interesting facts about Japan

Interesting facts about Japan



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On St. Valentine’s Day in Japan girls make presents as a sign of sympathy. This custom allows girls not to wait for the boys to accumulate their courage and approach the girls. The question of honor is on the first place for the Japanese, as it used to be in the old times. This also concerns the sphere of politics: the Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama who governed during 2009-2010 resigned because he couldn’t fulfill his pre-election promises. The two ministers that preceded him had also behaved the same way. Japan is a small country but here are the most expensive park of attractions of the world – Tokyo Disney Sea and four of the ten highest American hills of the world.  The most advanced underground system of the world is in Tokyo. The Japanese like to drive big cars. You can often see Jeeps in the streets. Until now the 30 percent of marriages in Japan take place with the mediation of parents. Japan is a mono-ethnic country: the 98.5 % of the population are Japanese, 0.5 % are Koreans, 0.4% make Chinese, 0.6% are representatives of different nationalities. According to some data there live in Japan 100 Armenians, of which 50-60 live in Tokyo. There is Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Japan. Japan is the last country that has officially kept the rank of empire. The Dynasty of Japanese Empire has never been interrupted. The nowadays reigning emperor Akihito is the successor of the first emperor Jimmu, who has founded Japan. The means of transportation are very expensive in Japan. The cheapest underground ticket costs 140 yen (approximately 15$). Japan is the only country in the world where even 1 minute is considered a delay for the train.

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There are no dustbins in Japan because all the rubbish is recycled. The wastes are divided into four types: glass, flammable, inflammable and recyclable. There are no dustbins in the streets; there are only special cans for collecting bottles. The pension is very low in Japan. The maximum payment for the poor elderly makes 30.000 yen, which is equivalent to approximately 300 dollars. There is no obligatory pension insurance: each Japanese should think of his old age by himself.
Everyone in Japan thinks that the image of “Hello Kitty” popular all over the world origins from England but its motherland is Japan. The reason for this false belief is that according to the plot of that same anime the cat is from England. Japan exceeds England with its territory for three times. There is a widespread opinion according to which Japan is an overpopulated country. But in fact the density of population in Japan makes only 360 men for a square meter and in England the number is – 383.  The two-third of the territory of Japan is covered with forests. There is a system in the Japanese telephones, which allows announcing the whole nation about the emergency situation that has suddenly occurred. If some disaster occurs, in all mobile phones there switches on a loud sound alarm, and even if the phone is switched off, a letter is received, which explains what has happened and how to behave in this situation. In Japan instead of a signature they put a special nominal seal – hanko. Each Japanese has such a seal and it is used many and many times during the day. You can buy such a seal in every shop. In Japan it is impolite to open the present in the presence of the person who has given it.

In Japan there are no dustbin, because all the garbage is recycling. Waste is divided into 4 types: glass, combustible, incombustible and recyclable. There no dustbins in the streets, there are only  special containers to collect bottles. In Japan is very low the pension. Maximum fee for poor elderly is 30,000 yen, which is equivalent to about $ 300. Mandatory pension insurance does not exist. Every Japanese should himself care about  his old age. In Japan, everyone think that «Hello Kitty» famous image descent is from England, while it’s homeland is Japan. These false opinion’s reason is because Kitty from the same Anime is from England. Japan by its territory 3 times bigger than England. There is a common opinion, according to which Japan is overpopulated country. But actually in Japan density of population is only 360 people per square meter, while in England, 383 people. Two-thirds of Japan is covered with forests. Japanese phones there is a system that allowing acclaim across the nation suddenly come upon an emergency situation. If some catastrophe happens all mobile phones ring with high audio signal, even if the phone sound is switched off, a letter comes, that explains what happened and what behavior to render. Japan instead of signatures put a special denominative stamp-hanko. Such a stamp has every Japanese and used it during the day lots and lots of time.  Such kind of stamp can be purchased at any store. In Japan it is considered impolite step in the presence of the giver to open the gift.

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translated from Armenian into English by  M.Vardanyan