In Memory of the Victims of the Severe Earthquake in Japan in 2011

In Memory of the Victims of the Severe Earthquake in Japan in 2011


to-the-memory-of-japan-in-2011-big-earthquake-victims1-with-logoYear 2011, March 11… there was an earthquake in Japan, which measured 9.0-9.1 magnitude and took away lives of tens of thousands people. Having the hard experience of the earthquake in 1988, the Republic of Armenia didn’t stay indifferent to that terrible reality and immediately offered its help to Japan by providing the Government of Japan with both financial means and human compassion. On March 11, 2014, on the third anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami, at the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RA took place an event, where the employees of the ministry paid tribute to the memory of the innocent victims.

Accompanied by the sounds of the orchestra, they laid a wreath on the Monument of the Devotees of Rescue, which is situated in the yard of the ministry. In his speech deputy director of the Rescue Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations major general Nikolay Grigoryan emphasized the efficiency of the Armenian-Japanese cooperation, which has already become continuous and the attentive attitude of MES RA.

In the hall of the Ministry of Emergency Situations there was organized the exhibition of photos of famous Japanese photographer Toshinari Mukami. The photographic works of the latter presented the terrible and devastating consequences of the earthquake. Alongside those works, there were also presented the photos of the cross-stone, which was put in the central park of Spitak Town in 2013 by the personnel of Spitak fire-fighting rescue team.

Answering to the questions of the journalists the Minister of Emergency Situations Armen Yeritsyan attached importance to the Armenian-Japanese cooperation, which is first of all in favor of the two nations: “In 2010 our Japanese partners presented us with 28 fire-fighting rescue trucks. We also have a serious cooperation in the sphere of seismic service. We cooperate with Japan in all the directions and I consider that cooperation very positive”.    The minister also added that suchlike events would still continue because to whatever extent the memory of the victims of natural disasters recovers in the course of time, however it leaves a deep mark on the lives of many people, as Spitak earthquake on December 7, 1988.


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