Exhibition of cat-themed ukiyo-e held in Tokyo

Exhibition of cat-themed ukiyo-e held in Tokyo


An exhibition of traditional ukiyo-e and other paintings featuring cats has opened in Tokyo on the annual day when Japan celebrates all things feline.

February 22nd has been designated as Cat Day by some organizations because the word for “two” in Japanese, “ni,” sounds similar to “nyan,” the Japanese word for “meow.”

A gallery in the Ginza district started showing more than 30 cat-related artworks on Monday. One ukiyo-e print depicts a kabuki actor playing a cat monster on stage. Another print shows cats bathing at a hot-spring.

The exhibition includes a work by noted artist Tsuguharu Foujita.

A university student visiting the gallery said he likes cats because they are freewheeling and don’t flatter humans.

The exhibition runs through Friday.

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