Which city to go in the spring. The first answer Japanese Kitakyushu

Which city to go in the spring. The first answer Japanese Kitakyushu


We recommend you to follow one of the Japanese cities tracks. There are months and periods when some areas are especially beautiful and attractive. Events, international events, seasonal affordable prices, or the monsoon rains: all these factors determine the choice of final destination, but in some cases, there are seasonal nature’s wonders which we offer you to see this spring.

And why to  Japan just in this period?


In one of the local small towns, Kitakyushu, which is about 4-5 hours away from Tokyo, one of the wonderful gardens is located. Every year, from mid-April until mid-May, the unmatched beauty of hanging flowers bloom.


Glicimia or Wisteria, as the locals call that flowers, are hanging flowers which form an arch in park. These flowers can have up to 20m height and 10m width. The main beauty of this interesting flower is in its colorful leaflets-pink, purple and white. By the way, some species of Wistaria, have a very pleasant aroma.5

Generally, such gardens can be found in various cities, such as- in Japan; however, the real miracle is in this graceful place. 6

In the park, by the way, there are also not just hanging gardens of flowers and tunnel, but also the flower fields.The incredible beauty of the tunnel is characterized and described as a waterfall of flowers.


TIP-es/Terrorism Information and Prevention System/ for Japanese Kitakyusu departure

- Since the  Kitakyus’s garden is private, you have to pay the entrance ticket fee , 300-1000 yen /3-7euro/. The prices are variable according to the season.


-In the last days of April from 27 to 29, here is held the “Golden Week” festival. The symbol of events again is Japanese beautiful flowers. In these days, this city and park are especially overcrowded.


the material is taken from  http://travelblog.am/2013/03/15/kitakyushu/

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan