The Yerevan Center for Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction (YCLLR)


The Yerevan Center for Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction (YCLLR) was created in 2000.

Recognized as a regional leader in this field of orthopedics, Yerevan Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction Center is committed to providing the most comprehensive and technologically advanced treatment available for children and adults with congenital and acquired orthopedic problems.

Our experience includes over 30 years of intensive work in this field of medicine. Two doctors from the medical staff worked and studied the Ilizarov’s limb lengthening method under the direct leadership of Professor Gavriil Ilizarov in Kurgan, Siberia. Our success rate is very high. The level of our expertise is acknowledged in a number of institutions, and has allowed us to present the Ilizarov method at international exhibitions, as well as to participate in the teaching of the method through lectures and demonstrative surgeries in Australia, Denmark, Norway and the USA.

Beside successfully helping people with trauma and various orthopedic problems, we also do cosmetic lengthening and correction of the shape and proportions of the legs for people who suffer psychologically because of their legs’ unattractiveness.

Today we are concentrating on this relatively new field of  limb lengthening esthetic reconstructive surgery. Our experience is long: as a matter of fact, our first surgery for purely esthetic reasons was in 1989.  Today we are well known as one of the few centers which serves people from many countries worldwide.  Our experience of practicing in the field has made it possible for us to develop a classification of types of legs that helps to clarify the goal of treatment in any particular case, and our approach in general has been presented and discussed several times in the most prestigious international congresses.

We are located in the Nairi clinic, which is well equipped for all the requirements of contemporary medicine. The wide spectrum of diagnostic facilities includes MRI, CT-scan and other contemporary technologies. The air-conditioned clinic and surgery rooms have centralized reporting  of vital functions.
The patient conditions in our center meet high international standards. It is worth mentioning that in an attempt to create a homey and warm atmosphere for our patients we have organized an exquisite, client-oriented cuisine both in the Center and during outpatient treatment, which offers nourishment to the patients that takes national tastes and interests into consideration.

Following the principle that our aim should be “To cure the patient, not the disease,” we provide comprehensive service and psychological support.  For us this is very important, because we don’t underestimate the fact that esthetic leg reconstructive treatment is usually a relatively long-lasting process.  Read more about additional services.

Arshak Mirzoyan | YCLLR team

Arshak E. Mirzoyan

Arshak E. Mirzoyan, MD, DMedSc, Head of YCLLR, trained and worked in Kurgan, Russia, directly under the leadership of Professor Ilizarov from 1980 to 1989.

Garsevan Malkhasyan| YCLLR team

Garsevan A. Malkhasyan

Garsevan A. Malkhasyan, օrthopedist-traumatologist of YCLLR.

Garik Zurnachyan| YCLLR team

Garik G. Zurnachyan

Garik G. Zurnachyan, orthopedist-traumatologist at YCLLR.

Anatoli Gnuni| YCLLR team

Anatoli S. Gnuni

Anatoli S. Gnuni, senior anesthesiologist and intensive care specialist of Health Ministry of RA

Marieta Saghatelyan| YCLLR team

Marieta Saghatelyan

Marieta Saghatelyan, head nurse at YCLLR.

Vahe Margaryan| YCLLR team

Vahe Margaryan

Vahe Margaryan, physical therapy and rehabilitation specialist at YCLLR.

Hakob Mikaelyan| YCLLR team

Hakob Mikayelyan

Hakob Mikayelyan, physical therapy and rehabilitation specialist at YCLLR.

Davit Grigoryan| YCLLR team

Davit Grigoryan

Davit Grigoryan, physical therapy and rehabilitation specialist at YCLLR.