The Concert of Maestro Karen Israyelyan and Urara Inoue in Armenia (video)

The Concert of Maestro Karen Israyelyan and Urara Inoue in Armenia (video)


Today at the Museum-Institute after Komitas there took place the joint concert of the Armenian violoncellist Karen Israyelyan, who lives in Tokyo and the Japanese harpist Urara Inoue. The concert was dedicated to the opening of the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Armenia.

The concert consisted of two parts. There were performed works of both Japanese and Armenian musicians, including the works of Komitas “Apricot tree”, “Crane”, “Chinar es” and “Red Aylugh”.
The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan in the Republic of Armenia Eiji Taguchi was also present at the concert. To the question asked by STYLE, how much suchlike cultural events are important for the Armenian-Japanese relations the ambassador answered: “As you know, the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Armenia has been recently opened, and I am also here, because I want joint Armenian-Japanese cultural events to take place more frequently, in order to make cultural relations between our nations stronger. Suchlike events are very important in order to understand each other better”.

The ambassador also added that if possible they would initiate the organization of the Armenian-Japanese concert in Armenia. “I am happy that the Japanese harpist has come to Armenia and plays Armenian national music, as cultural developments suggest mutual relations, as for example today it happened between the Japanese and Armenian music”, mentioned Mr. Taguchi during our interview.

By the way, in order to inspire her husband there was the wife of the violoncellist Karen Israyelyan Japanese Sakura with their son Andranik.


The concert was organized by the Armenian-Japanese “Hikari” center and “Arev Art Management” organization.


The Armenian-Japanese center “Hikari” has started its activity many years ago. On August 6, 2005 the pupils of the origami group of the National Center of Aesthetics sent hundreds of illustrated “Peace lanterns” and one thousand paper cranes to Hiroshima City in Japan, thus paying tribute to the memory of the victims of nuclear bombing in 1945. This action found a very warm response in Japan, after which it turned into an annual program and is carried out until now. Afterwards, based on the activities of the group there was established “Peace Lanterns” NGO, and after that–the Armenian-Japanese “Hikari” center”.

Syune Arakelyan

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Author of the Videos  H. Muradyan

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan