Services for tourists

Services for tourists


Visit Japan “V” Information System

During the journey in Japan you will be suggested to use “V” national information system, the branches of which are located at 220 places around the whole country.  Each “V” center is a source of information about the region where you are. “V” centers are usually located at railway stations or in the center of the city. They are very easy to recognize with the logo–it is a red interrogation mark with the word “information”.

Goodwill Guide

JNTO program supports the “Goodwill guide” program according to which approximately 50.000 volunteers, who speak foreign languages, are always ready to suggest their assistance to the foreign tourists. The participants of “Goodwill guide” program have earned the right to wear the badges of white dove in the green world. There are 58 organized groups of “Good will guide” program (SSG) in the whole Japan. The members of these groups are mainly students, housewives and pensioners, who are involved in a number of activities, which require their knowledge of foreign languages. Such groups usually suggest standard free of charge walking excursions. The tourists only need to gather in a certain place, on a certain day and hour, which are announced beforehand. Some groups even organize meetings with the tourists depending on their individual needs. There is no need for paying the volunteers for their services: it’s a volunteer assistance. You only need to pay their travel expenses, to pay for the entrance tickets, as well as to cover their food expenses, if you dine together.

 Professional Guide-Interpreter

Their services can be ordered through Japan Guide Association (tel. 03-3213-2706, fax 03-3213-2707) or through Japan Federation of Licensed Guides of (tel. 03-3380-6611, fax 03-3380-6609). In total there are 1500 licensed interpreter-guides registered in that organization.

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