PHOTO: Cultural exchange at the Iroha Center

PHOTO: Cultural exchange at the Iroha Center


On September 9th, 2023, a cultural exchange meeting was held at the Iroha Center with a close friend of the Center, Mr. Yoshimura.

The event was attended by about 15 people, including the Chairman of the Center Ruzan Khojjkyan, Vice President Minami Shuichi, the teacher of the Center Tomoki Okuyama, Mr. Yoshimura, Mr. Masayuki Ishimoto, who is currently conducting research at the National Archives of Armenia and students attending the center.

At the beginning of the event, the participants introduced themselves, after which Mr. Yoshimura introduced himself, then his student Mr. Ishimoto.


After that, he presented the Eastern Armenian language textbook, which he wrote many years ago, very hastily-only during 3 mouns. As a result of which, there are mistakes in the textbook. That is the reason he tend to accurately correct and republish the textbook.

Then the participants exchanged interesting thoughts on various topics:

Author: H. Muradyan