Interesting Japanese laws

Interesting Japanese laws


japonakan hetaqrqir orenqner

  1. The 9th Article of the Japanese legislation forbids the country to have an army and to participate in wars.
  2. In Japan there functions one of the most liberal laws concerning smoking: it is allowed to smoke everywhere, besides the airports and the stations.
  3. In Japan the prisoners have no right to participate in the elections.
  4. There is capital punishment in Japan. Last year 8 prisoners were sentenced to death.
  5. There isn’t an appropriate law, but it is an established order in Japan always to serve men first. At the restaurant man is the first to make an order and he is the first to be served. In the shops they greet men first.
  6. It is also interesting that in Japan the concept of tips is absolutely not accepted. If there is established some fee for a certain service it means that the service costs that much. And if the customer tries to leave a tip, this is understood as alms, which somehow makes the employee to understand that he is not properly paid for his job.

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 translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan