On 6 August, 2015 Remembrance Ceremony in Yerevan

On 6 August, 2015 Remembrance Ceremony in Yerevan


The ceremony started at 11 o’clock. The ambassador of Japan in RA Eiji Taguchi and the president of “Hikari” center Karine Piliposyan delivered speeches.

riji Tagutci, Karine Philiposyan

Then the students of the center put on the plaque “chains” made from colorful cranes and there was announced a minute of silence.

06.08 2015 CeremonyRemembrance

After that, two girls who were symbolizing Japan and Armenia came forward, greeted each other and turned to the people gathered there.

06.08 2015 CeremonyRemembrance 2

Two students of the center approached them. Maggie gave a crane with the flags of Armenia and Japan to Yelena who was symbolizing Japan and Mher gave a balloon with a forget-me-not to Eva, who was symbolizing Armenia.

Ceremony Remembrance in Yerevan2
Maggie and Mher tied to the balloon the crane and the flags of different countries with a single wish “Let peace travel everywhere”. Eva and Yelena, holding each other’s hands, came out of the circle of the people gathered and sent the crane to the sky.
The member of the organization “New Names” Narek Baldryan delivered a speech and sang the song “Akatombo”.
All the people, who were there, received cranes on which there was written Yerevan, August 6, 2015.

Author   “Hikari” center

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan