Do you want to Study Japanology? Then to the ASUE

Do you want to Study Japanology? Then to the ASUE


In the Armenian State University of Economics/ #ASUE/  there was introduced a new subject “Japanology” (Japanese Studies). The teaching of the subject is entrusted to the Japanologist(Japanese Studies) Anna Vardanyan, who for years studies the peculiarities of the country of the rising sun, conducts researches on the Armenian-Japanese relations, highly contributes to the development of historical-cultural and business relations between the two countries.

During the interview with Anna Vardanyan we were informed that the subject would be introduced in the Master’s Courses of the Faculty of International Relations of ASUE and at that moment she was intensively working in the direction of finding new and interesting methods for the teaching of the subject.

Mrs. Vardanyan added that the new subject would be an interesting opportunity for the students of the university to study the best practice in the different spheres of economy of one of the developed countries of the world. For the opportunity to introduce the new subject the lecturer thanks ASUE management staff, due to whose efforts a number of reforms were made and modern programs were introduced, which has greatly contributed to the increase of the quality of education in the university.

In the frameworks of the subjects it is planned to conduct open lectures with the involvement of specialists from different spheres related to Japan.

Thanks to Anna Vardanyan for the provision of the material!

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan