Japan twill Provide Armenia with 3.7 Million USD for Acquiring Medical Equipment

Japan twill Provide Armenia with 3.7 Million USD for Acquiring Medical Equipment


20:02, 30 June, 2020
YEREVAN, JUNE 30, ARMENPRESS. Jun Yamada, Ambassador of Japan to Armenia and Atom Janjughazyan, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Armenia signed on June 30 the exchange of notes (E/N) for the Japan’s Grant Aid, “The Economic and Social Development Program”.

This E/N is for the Provision of Japanese Medical Equipment to the Republic of Armenia. Through this Project, the Government of Japan will provide four hundred million Japanese Yen (approximately 3.7 million USD) for obtaining Japanese medical equipment.

This Project intends to assist Armenia in its fight against COVID-19 epidemic, through strengthening its mid- to long-term healthcare and medical system. The latest generation of MRI system and other items will considerably upgrade the current level of medical service in the country, alleviating various health related issues and saving peoples’ lives.

As we are all aware, currently the whole world, including Armenia, is fighting against serious epidemic of COVID-19. Japan, as a close and friendly partner for Armenia, is willing to support the country to attain well-balanced and sustainable economic growth. This should be realized through improving various institutions, infrastructure and developing human resources, in particular in the medical sphere. From this point of view Japan has been supporting Armenia`s healthcare and medical institutions in Yerevan as well as in the provinces. Apart from such government-to-government Technical Assistance and Grant Aid, Dr. Akira Ishiyama, a world-famous Japanese physician and professor at UCLA, continues his yearly visit to this country to offer his incomparable skills in cochlear implantation for Armenian children.
This latest project embodies Japan’s strong commitment to support Armenia. Our unique and strong bonds, which will see the 30th anniversary since Armenia regained independence in 2 years, will yet again testify to our shared universal values, as well as our determination to cooperate ever closely to make this world a better place for everybody.

Ambassador Yamada said, “On behalf of Japanese Government, I would like to highlight the utmost importance and timeliness of this Project, particularly in view of the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic in Armenia and the world. I sincerely hope that the new equipment from Japan will contribute to significantly upgrading capacity of healthcare and medical institutions in the country, thus saving more lives and enhancing the living standard of the Armenian people.”

Arsen Torosyan, Minister of Health of the Republic of Armenia noted, “Cooperation between Armenia and Japan in the field of healthcare incorporates the best traditions. We highly value the continuous assistance that the Government of Japan kindly rendered to Armenia for many years to increase the healthcare capacity. During the last 25 years, several important projects have been implemented through the funding by the Japanese Government. Japanese high-tech medical equipment, cars and other medical products have long been well-known in our country.

At present, when the world is facing a coronavirus epidemic and there is a difficult struggle also in our country, we are once again grateful for the Japanese Government’s new offer to Armenia worth ¥ 400 million to obtain expensive medical equipment.

Convinced that any product provided by Japan will find the best and most useful utilization in our field, I extend my sincere gratitude to the people of Japan, the Government, all our Japanese partners and friends for their every endeavor aimed at generous support to Armenia in the fight against the pandemic and beyond”.

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