Part of Japanese culture represented during Yerevan Show 2014 Jewelry Exhibition



On October 25-28 Yerevan Show 2014 international jewelry exhibition was held at newly opened Meridian Exhibition complex, attended by RA President and other high-ranking officials. The launch of a free economic zone was also officially announced.
v.ann jewellery company also participated in the exhibition organized by the Armenian Jewelers Association (AJA) for the fourth time, representing gold, silver and natural stones jewelry and Japanese sea pearls of high quality. As the company’s founder and director, Ph.D. Ann Vardanyan stated, v.ann is the only jewellery company in Armenian market, collaborating with Japan and laying groundwork for Armenian-Japanese trade turnover in jewelry field.
Uwakoya brand pearls were shining in the exhibition hall within 3 days and rousing visitors’ great interest. Ann also noted that pearls are an integral part of Japanese culture, and that was a good opportunity for visitors to get acquainted with Japanese culture peculiarities and correct form of wearing pearls. Each visitor, showing interest in it, got detailed explanation. Having 12 years of experience in this field, Ann came to the conclusion that wearing pearls is a special way for jewelry taste. In the end she thanked her friends for support within the framework of exhibition.

translated from Armenian into English by Anna Vardanyan