Japan Exceeds in Speed Again

Japan Exceeds in Speed Again


Japan intends to create the fastest train in the world, which will have 480 km/h speed. Its designers intend to use the Maglev technology, which is a special magnetic energy. Due to them, it will be possible to be several inches above the concrete surface.
By means of this magnetic energy, the train “Tokai” will transport the passengers from Tokyo to Nagoya. The project was approved in Japan on October 17 in 2014. The following variant of transportation allows to pass 290 km way in 40 minutes, which is an hour faster than the world-famous Shinkansen (320 km/h). The Maglev technology with its idea of modern and exclusive magnetic rise made it possible to construct a fast train with indirect contact to concrete. The following magnetic line differs from his interurban types though since 2004 there has been functioning in Shanghai the short urban type of Maglev line.
The construction of the new road pledged the company “Central Japan Railway Co”, which hopes to finish the works by 2027. By 2045, they plan to lengthen the line to Osaka. The project is estimated 5.5 trillion yen (approximately 50 billion dollars).
The word “tokai” is translated from Japanese as “The Eastern Sea”. It is also the name of the territory between Tokyo and Nagoya.

Prepared by Nancy Mkrtchyan

the material is taken from http://ostarmenia.com/hy/economy-arm/japanesetrain-241014/

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan