CCCI Initiates Humanitarian Aid for Artsakh

CCCI Initiates Humanitarian Aid for Artsakh


With almost daily attacks from Azerbaijan across the line of contact and other parts of Artsakh (also known as Nagorno-Karabakh) and borders of Armenia, a humanitarian crisis has unfolded in the war-torn Artsakh. Due to this, along with COVID-19 cases consequently reaching an all-time high within the region, the healthcare infrastructure in Artsakh and neighboring Armenia has been overwhelmed by thousands of civilians and soldiers who have been wounded as a result of the war.

During these difficult times, CCC International and KID-T Group Holdings are one with the Armenian community. CCCI and KID-T have donated a total of 5,000 USD for families directly affected by the Armenia/Artsakh and Azerbaijan war. This humanitarian aid has been sent to major donation channels of Armenia and, with the cooperation of CCCI members, is being used to sponsor accommodation for displaced Artsakh families who are currently in Yerevan.

CCCI, a Japanese-Filipino company in Armenia, provides multilingual translation and localization services globally. With the aim to create in the future new work opportunities for the people of Armenia, it gives new business chances for the country by bringing in work from overseas, inviting international partners to invest in Armenia, and creating new business leaders from its roster of human resources.

Aside from the humanitarian emergency assistance to those affected by the military conflict, CCCI is also initiating a donation drive on its website to reach out to partners, friends, and everyone in the international community who is interested to help. All donations, excluding Paypal fees, will be forwarded directly to the international cooperation organization “HAYASTAN ALL ARMENIAN FUND,” which provides support for disaster victims in Armenia.

“Artsakh is in our hearts and minds along with everyone in our community. With your help, we hope to at least assist victims in their return to stability, building a more positive future trajectory for both Armenia and Artsakh. Now is the time to cooperate toward a brighter Armenian future for generations to come.

We invite you to stand with us in solidarity with Armenia and Artsakh and honor those who have fought for a harmonious and independent motherland. No efforts are futile. Certainly, these funds will neither address the tragic loss of life, nor ease the grief of the families of our heroes; it is a little but necessary help, relief, and care.

Whether you choose to make a one-time gift or a monthly donation, it is entirely up to you. We call upon you to contribute what you can for the courageous soldiers and the peaceful citizens of Artsakh and Armenia affected by the recent untimely and heavy conflict,” – Anne Mendoza, CCC International President.

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