Week of Japanese Cultural Events in Yerevan

Week of Japanese Cultural Events in Yerevan



Japanese mood in Yerevan: next week there will be the days of the Japanese culture in Yerevan, about which BlogNews had an interview with the ambassador of Japan in Armenia Eiji Taguchi
On Monday, November 23, the Japanese writer Masatsugu Ono, who has received “Akutagawa” prestigious award for his work “A Prayer 9 years ago”, will deliver a lecture at Russian (Slavonic)-Armenian University, which will be succeeded by the dialogue with the Armenian writer Aram Pachyan. The ambassador mentioned that Pachyan was chosen on the advice of the Armenian colleagues.
On November 25, at Armenian-Japanese “Hikari” cultural center  there will take place the concert of the composer-performer Irie Yosuke. “There will be presented the Japanese traditional instrument shakuhachi. Shakuhachi is a Japanese national instrument, which is much alike the Armenian duduk, simply it is made from bamboo”, said Eiji Taguchi.
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On November 27 at Moscow Cinema there will take place the opening of the 9th Festival of the Japanese films. “In the frameworks of the festival there will be shown 5 movies: entertainment, amateur. One movie is about the pollution of water with mercury. We have tried to choose such films, which will interest both adults and the youth. I think that by means of films it is very easy and truthful to present the culture of a country. I wish this movie screening to contribute the spreading of the Japanese culture in Armenia. I think and I hope that Armenians will be interested in these films”, said the ambassador of Japan in Armenia.
He highlighted the organization of such events not only in Yerevan, but also in other towns of Armenia. On November 30 and December 1, the festival will be held correspondingly in Gyumri and Echmiadzin. There is an intention to organize the festival also in Vanadzor, at the beginning of next year.
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Already on November 28 at “Hikari” cultural center will perform the Japanese actress Sayoko Shirotani. She will have a performance and will sing: Japanese traditional dances will also be performed there.
“By the way, the entrance for all the events will be free. The Embassy of Armenia in Japan is also carrying out large-scale activities in the organization of cultural events in Japan. Parajanov is a very famous name in Japan. Last year there took place the festival of Armenian films and exhibition of cross-stones”, mentioned the ambassador.
Japanese cultural events of the week in the Yerevan3Eiji Taguchi announced that they wish more people in Armenia to learn Japanese.  “From the October of this year Japanese is taught at Gyumri Pedagogical University. At the moment 200 people in Armenia, study Japanese. I announce these data based on the data of state and private institutions. I hope that the number will increase”, concluded the ambassador of Japan in Armenia.

The material by Amalya Hovhannisyan
Photos by Karen Hovhannisyan

The material is taken from http://blognews.am/arm/news/320217/

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan