On 17.04.2016 at “Sakurada” Japanese Restaurant took place a Concert


On April 17, 2016 at 18:00 p.m, at «Sakurada» Japanese restaurant took place the Japanese and Armenian music concert of the band  «History music band 花鳥風月».

Entrance was free, but of course it was desirable to make an order.

Japanese music`
1 Fairy tale- Kizuna (from Fairy tale anime),
2 Guren (from Naruto anime)
3 Sadness and sorrow (from Naruto anime)
4 Fairy tale (from Fairy tale anime)
Armenian music`
5 Komitas-Chinar es,
6 Kele kele,
7 Hov areq,
8 Es Arun jur e galis ,
9 Erkingn ampel a ,
10 Andzrevn ekav.

Author՝ Jemmie Minasian