List of Dishes Made with Matsun (Yougurt) Around the World

List of Dishes Made with Matsun (Yougurt) Around the World

Matsun (yogurt) is loved in many countries. I wonder how people in different countries of the world enjoy matsun. In this corner using the natural raw material of matsun (yogurt), we present real homemade dishes of different countries.
Let’s ask about the raw material of matsun (yogurt) and the culture of its motherland.
The 43rd time it is the Republic of Armenia. It is a country in the South-Western part of Caucasus. In the North it has a border with Georgia, in the South – with Persia, in the West with Turkey and in the East it has a border with Azerbaijan.
This time Anna, who was born in the capital Yerevan, has taught us the way of making homemade dish with matsun.


The person, who accompanies us this time

Inhabitant of RA
Mrs Anna,
who works at the International School in Tokyo.
Her hobbies are travelling and dancing.
Please tell us about the reason, which made you come to Japan.
For the purpose of cooperating with Japan I stayed in Tokyo for three months. And I liked the public security in Japan, its traditional culture and the nature. After that I decided to study economy at the university in Japan. I received my PhD at Tokyo International University.After graduation I deliver lecures in English for the students, who want to study abroad. At present I am deputy headmaster of the school.
-Tell us about the food culture in Armenia.
The main part of the territory of Armenia is 1000-3000 m above the sea level. There is not much precipitation and the climate is dry. The main food for the Armenians is bread. For example, Lavash is thin bread, which is baked by sticking it to the walls of an oven (tonir), which is located in the ground. It is sold everywhere. We eat it by wrapping in it different ingredients like cheese, meat, etc.
In 2014 Lavash was registered in UNESCO World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List.
-Present please the main dairy products in Armenia.
Milk, cheese and other dairy products are always present in the Armenian dishes. Matsun is also frequently used in food. There is an opinion that matsun was made in the Armenian Highlands B. C.
-How do they eat matsun in Armenia?
As they use much matsun in the cuisine, they often make matsun at home. For example they make a soup with matsun, which is called spas. It is eaten hot during winter and cold – during summer. The supermarkets offer different types of matsun -low fat, high fat, with different spices, with fruits and so on. In Armenia simple matsun is called “matsun” and flavored matsun is called “yogurt”.
Please tell us about “Tatar-boraki”, which we will present this time.
It’s a traditional dish appearing in the suppers of the Armenian cuisine. We add matsun sauce to the macaroon or some flat pasta like lasagna.
Recipe for making “Tatar-boraki”
Ingredients for 3-4 people             
. 400 g matsun
. 400 ml water
. 6 pcs laurel leaves
. 400 g lasagna macaroon
. 4 tea spoonful salt
. 20 g garlic
. 100 g butter
. Mixture of preferred greens
Step 1. We pour water into the boiler and boil it.
Step2.We put laurel leaves, lasagna macaroon, 2 tea spoonful salt, cover with a lid and let is cook.
Step 3. After boiling open the lid and mix the macaroons. Close it again and cook the macaroons until there is no water left.
Step 4Grate the garlic.
Step 5Add matsun to the 4th and 2 tea spoon ful salt to the garlic and mix .
Step 6Put butter in the microwave oven until it melts.
Step 7 We mix the macaroons /3/ with matsun sauce /5/ and add melted butter.
Step 8Add the mixture of greens according to your taste.

Enjoy Tatar-boraki


Grated garlic goes well with matsun sauce.

Such matsun sauce adds taste to the macaroons. The usage of such sauce is good for the health.
The journalist:

Thank you Mrs. Anna!
Dishes with matsun around the world! Let’s wait for the next release!!

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translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan