The Armenian Spring in Japanese Mood

The Armenian Spring in Japanese Mood



Today “Hikari” Armenian-Japanese Scientific, Educational and Cultural Center NGO, with the support of the directorate of the State Academy of Fine Arts, conducted a master class of ikebana in the renovated conference hall of the academy. The master class was conducted by the master of ikebana Yamada sensei. Parallel to her mastery Yamada sensei was also explaining the essence of ikebana.

The latter is an old Japanese art of flower arrangement, which totally differs from the European flower arrangement known to us. The ancient Japanese ikebana is much more different and original. Ikebana is much more than a simple art of flower design. It creates relations between a human being and the nature; it creates a harmony. Formerly only men were engaged in this art. It has been created in the temple of Buddha by clergymen. It has nearly 800 years’ history.

At the opening of the event the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Japan in ArmeniaEiji Taguchi delivered a greeting speech. The Head of the Academy A. Isabekyan also delivered a speech by expressing hope that some day there will be a Faculty of Ikebana at the Academy and that the cooperation with Yamada sensei would be continued.

After the master class, having learnt some skills of the Japanese art of flower arrangement, the attendees had a chance to make an ikebana with the instructions of Yamada sensei. The latter called the ikebana created there “The Armenian Spring”.

It has already been a long time that the sensei cooperates with “Hikari” center. And to the question how many times she has visited Armenia, she hesitates either 11 or 12. Armenia attracts her very much; she likes to work with the Armenian women and considers them kind and friendly. If possible, Yamada sensei is ready to teach ikebana to the Armenian students. And to the question where she would like to go in Armenia, without thinking much she answers to the mountain Ararat. Yamada sensei is hopeful that next year she will be hosted in Yerevan again.

Author: Arpine Hakhverdyan

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translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan