16 Wise Japanese Expressions, which can become the Source of your Slogans in 2016

16 Wise Japanese Expressions, which can become the Source of your Slogans in 2016


Sometimes you have the impression that the happiest people and people, who are satisfied with life, live in the Country of the Rising Sun. And the thing is that the culture of Japan differs from the cultures of other nations very much. From the ancient times, the Japanese know the secrets of spiritual health and harmonious existence.
By reading these expressions, you will see how unique the wisdom of the Japanese nation is.
Here are wise expressions of the Japanese:
1. Make a decision by means of thinking. And when you have already decided don’t think any more.
2. Retreat is not terrible. Giving up the struggle is terrible.
3. Nobody stumbles while lying in the bed.
4. Happiness comes to the house, where there is laugh.
5. Do all you can and rely on the fate in the rest.
6. Don’t do things that should be hidden.
7. There is no smoke without fire.
8. Don’t hold the going and don’t drive out the coming.
9. Your anger is your enemy.
10. Sea is big, because it doesn’t abominate even small rivers.
11. Quick is the slow, but without breaks.
12. There is pride hidden behind the excessive modesty.
13. That, which is accumulated in a dishonest way, is of no use.
14. Asking is a shame for one minute. Unawareness is a shame for the whole life.
15. Even the wise can be mistaken once in a thousand cases.
16. A single kind word can warm you for three winter months.

Prepared by Ani Gabuzyan

the material is taken from  http://goo.gl/CbE0OT

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan