Wine Festival Artsakh (Video)

Wine Festival Artsakh (Video)


If you happen to come to Armenia, don’t forget to plan a trip to the non-recognized Republic of Nagorno-Karabagh (also known as Artsakh). You would ask yourself why you should do that. Well the answer is very clear it has an amazing nature, historical sights and hospitable people.

Every year after the harvest of grape takes place people gather to celebrate. For already three years in Togh village, Hadrut region festival of wine takes place. Before planning your trip please check the dates.

The village has a very long history and played an important role for the region. Nowadays Togh village is famous for its wine – Kataro (it is prepared from a very special grapes which grow in the region, it is named Khndoghni).

What can you expect to experience there – you can try a bunch of alcohol and treats, meet nice people, see historical place (Melik Yegyan’s residency), learn the region’s culture and national cuisine (Jengyalov hats – yummy), see traditional songs and dances, plus join the people and have fun. The entrance is free – another perk of the festival. You can get to the village and back to Stepanakert if you buy a ticket, also you can book a tour from Yerevan.


Preparing Jengyalov hats – bread with local herbs


Preparing Jengyalov hats – bread with local herbs


It is time to sing and dance


Not only traditional cuisine of Artsakh was there, but Spanish as well

Author: Arpi Gulgulyan