8 Fantastic Japanese Discoveries, Which Can Change the World


Japan has all the rights to be considered a leading country in the sphere of technique and electronics. During the last years more and more often we hear about silly, funny and absolutely incomprehensible discoveries of the Japanese engineers. And it is so, because the world market is full of the discoveries of the quick-witted inhabitants of the country of the rising: discoveries, which are mostly senseless and non-practical. Anyway, most of them are real masterpieces. However, our the reference is about the Japanese masterpieces, which one day will probably change our lives.

8. Revolutionary Devices for Sale


It is difficult to view the devices for sale, which are considered the attributes of the previous two centuries, from the point of innovatory technologies. However, the Japanese were able to do that. Meanwhile the world enjoys the pleasure of buying coffee or chocolate from the devices for sale, the Japanese have moved on and have created a new generation of devices, with the help of which you can buy everything starting from umbrellas and eggs, up to fresh salads and underwear.

7. Device for Reading and Recording Human Thoughts


The unfulfilled dream of the most part of the discoveries is to reach the management of human brain. The Japanese engineers have designed Neurocam recording mobile device, which records the waves coming from the activity of human brain neurons and transfers it to a digital picture. The device works by means of iPhone, which is placed in a special cuff and is fixed on the head. The special sensors receive the signals from the brain.

6. Bio-Carbon Battery


The creation and usage of ecologically clean sources of energy is a huge problem for the whole world. That is why the company Power Japan Plus was interested in that idea and created Dual Organic Carbon Battery, which is a battery that is charged with carbon. It is stronger and works longer. And the time of charging is 20 times shorter. The case is ecologically clean and can be recycled.

5. Exo-skeleton for Walking and Running


This is what can really help people with limited abilities: a robot, which will help to walk, run and work. The Japanese company Panasonic is engaged in improving the exo-skeletons. The thing, which had been available only in the sphere of military technologies, would serve now for the ordinary people in their everyday life. The exo-skeleton costs 7000 dollars and weighs 40kg.

4. Television of High Quality Clarity


Imagine such TV screen, which displays everything so clearly that you have a sense of reality. The revolutionary technologies of high quality are available for the companies Sharp and Sony. When these TVs come out to sale, they will totally replace their competitors.

3. Androids: Kodomoroid, Ontonaroid, Telenoid

8 crazy Japanese invention that could change the world7

The robots can not only change our ideas, but they can also doubt the philosophical issue of the human origination. Hiroshi Ishiguro and his team have created three women robots, which are so similar to the living people that for a moment it is even hard to distinguish them. The robots are presented in different age categories and they work at the information bureau of the museum. Besides speaking the robots can also smile, blink the eyes and move parts of the body.

2. Robot ASIMO 


Japan has been considered the leader of robot construction for already 15 years. The robot Asimo of the company Honda is a real masterpiece in this sphere. It can do many actions, for example, it can greet, open bottles, serve them and so on. It has been improved this year and now it can also jump and run with a speed 5 km/h.

1. Space Elevator


There is an unwritten competition in the world concerning the creation of the first space elevator. The Russian scientists were engaged in it in the 19-20th centuries. The American scientists have also contributed to its creation. In 2007 it was announced that for the best work the scientists will be awarded 500 000 dollars. Japan has also decided to deal with the hard work of creating space elevator. The company Obaya Shi has announced that in 2050 such a device will already exist, with the help of which people will be able to be transported to the space stations through the carbon nano tubes. The elevators will develop 200 km/h speed and will be able to transport 30 people.

the material is taken from http://www.mypage.am/news/news.php?id=93

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan