Tomoyuki Tajitsu. “I love tolma too much” (video)



Barev dzez” (Hello), “Inchpes ek” (How are you), “Jansaghutyun” (Fine), “Yes dolma shat em sirum” (I love dolma very much)-these are the Armenian words, which Tomoyuki Tajitsu has been using for over a year in Armenia. Tomoyuki Tajitsu is from Japan and is currently working at the UN Office in Armenia.
Tajitsu says eating rice is the major characteristic of Japanese people and it has a symbol
“All Japanese sow, grow and use the rice together. In other words, it has a symbol of unity and consolidation,” said Tajitsu.
According to him, the Japanese are also united as one when they are in pain and considers the March 11 devastating earthquake and the tsunami a brilliant example of that.
Tomoyuki Tajitsu was born in Kavagoe, Japan. He called his family and friends as soon as he found out about the earthquake.
“I was very sad when I found out that one of my friends, who was about to get married, lost his home during the tsunami. Fortunately, he and his wife stayed alive,” said Tajitsu.
He was also very touched when he found out that the Armenian people express their support to and share the pain of the Japanese on the day of remembrance of the Armenian Genocide victims.
Living in Armenia, Tajitsu has realized that Armenians and Japanese have things in common in terms of their attitude toward family and friends.
“When you visit an Armenian home, you feel at home. It is very pleasant.”

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