Yerevan Wine Days

Yerevan Wine Days


“Areni” Festival Foundation, with the support of Yerevan Municipality and Anna Mazmanyan, has organized the event “Yerevan Wine Days”. It took place on May 5 and 6, 2017, at 19:00 to 23:00 o’clock, in one of the central and the most colorful corners of Yerevan – on Saryan street, the intersection of Pushkin and Tumanyan streets.

The goal of the event was to promote tourism in Armenia and to ensure the recognition of our country as the ancient cradle of wine.

The honored guests of the event “Yerevan Wine Days” were Maria Zhelikhovskaya (МарияЖелиховская), a journalist of “Top Flight” magazine (an elite magazine on tourism, which is distributed in VIP zones of Russian airports), Georgy Oltarzhevski (ГеоргийОлтаржевский), a journalist of leading website of Russian on-line news), Leonid Gilepterman (ЛеонидГелиптерман) – the President of the International Enogastronomy Center, the Vice-president of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia, the Member of the Expert Council for Gastronomic Tourism of the UN World Tourism Organization, a celebrity chef from Denmark and International wine experts.

The organizers of the event have contracts with the Armenian and international tour operators: the latter will ensure larger flow of tourists from Russia, Iran, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and other countries.

The organizers are hopeful that “Yerevan Wine Days” would be an excellent opportunity for the Armenian wine producers, the best restaurants and/or other service providing Armenian companies to introduce themselves to the Armenian and international visitors, to present their products, to find new partners and to implement other marketing campaigns.

YerevanReso Projects Company is the main sponsor of the festival “Yerevan Wine Days” and permanent information sponsor of “Areni” Festival Foundation.

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