Armenian-Japanese Friendship Union


“Armenian-Japanese Friendship Union” is a non-profit organization succeeding the “Union Sending Books to Armenia”, which was solemnly opened in Japan in 2009. At first, it was opened as a cultural center, the primary goal of which was to send books and materials in the Japanese language for the students studying Japanese in Armenia.

Books, which were sent due to different people, as a donation are now in the Armenian National Library, Eurolingua International Languages Institute and “Hikari” Armenian-Japanese center and are effectively used.

After the success of the process of sending books and in order to concentrate the human potential of exchange in the future, in March 2014 it was renamed “Armenian-Japanese Friendship Union” and thus a new activity was launched.

Being envisaged for the support of the development of Armenian and Japanese relations, the union, having the aim of acting as a bridge between the two countries, carries out the activity of supporting the invitations of Armenian students to Japan, travelling of the Japanese members of the union in Armenia, as well as teaching the Armenian culture in Japan.

Here is the web-address of the “Armenian-Japanese Friendship Union”:

translated from Japanese into Armenian by Hasmik Muradyan

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan