The 100th Anniversary of Bash-Aparan Heroic Battle (Video)

The 100th Anniversary of Bash-Aparan Heroic Battle (Video)


The chief event dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Bash-Aparan heroic battle took place in Aparan on May 27. The participation in that event was perfectly organized from Yerevan also by Your Way Tour Armenia touristic organization.

Bash-Aparan heroic battle was a battle against the Turkish army, which had invaded Eastern Armenia and the Armenian volunteering detachments from May 23 to 29, 1918. At the beginning of the event, the Armenian officials congratulated on the occasion of the holiday.

Then there followed the congratulation of the ambassador of India.

Then there was a small military parade.

After that, there was the main part of the event during which there was the wonderful performance of the actors of Vanadzor State Drama Theater named after Hovhannes Abelyan.

At the end, there was a concert and the audience took an active part in it.

Aparan self-defense heroic battle ended in a glorious victory. Aparan self-defense heroic battle has a great historical significance. It doesn’t yield to the Battle of Sardarapat. These heroic battles were the new Battles of Avarayr, for the survival of our nation. One had taken place on the banks of the River Araks and the other was on the banks of the River Kasagh.

Author: H. Muradyan

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan