The Celebration of Setsubun Holiday in IROHA Center (Video)

The Celebration of Setsubun Holiday in IROHA Center (Video)


At the beginning of the event, the teachers of the centerZarine and Shushanik told about the holiday, after which all the members of the center on that day sang the song dedicated to that day. 

Then they split into two rooms, because the group was big and they wouldn’t fit in one room.



And with the explanations of the two sensei of the center Minamie Syuitsi and Ruzan Khojikyan each of them made ehomaki for themselves.

After that, the students of the two rooms went to the living room together with the ehomaki, which they have made themselves. And according to the rules of that holiday they quickly ate it.

Then all of them took legumes from the dish by counting their age, taking plus one and eating.

At the end, they performed the ceremony of mamamaki, which is throwing peas at two people wearing the masks of the devil and being convinced that the evil of that year will go away.

Author: H. Muradyan

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan